My journey so far…

Keith Treacy - About

Freestyle Yoga in Dublin is a style of teaching and practicing yoga that I conceptualised in order to create a less regimented approach  to Asana practice, and offer a fresh look at how yoga is taught in Ireland. I tailor my approach to teaching according to the individual needs of my students who attend my classes.

My introduction to Yoga came after I had a back injury related to weight training. I had been doing weight training for many years, focusing on strength-building, but I neglected to stretch sufficiently. Yoga was recommended to me to help me to create a balance between strength and flexibility in my body. Based on this advice I commenced my yoga practice in 1998, learning from any books I could get my hands on, and so the journey began.

After practicing yoga for one year at home, I began to attend classes. By chance I stumbled upon the Ashtanga Vinyasa classes of Tony Purcell. By 2003 I decided to study yoga in Mysore, India, under the guidance of BNS Iyeangar, an Ashtanga Vinyasa and Pranayama teacher. The style of teaching there was more of the Mysore style, in comparison to the teacher-led classes that I was used to. After six months in India, I began to realise that a regimented approach to practicing and teaching yoga poses that are challenging, does not always suit western bodies. It became apparent to me that a more diverse approach to Asana practice could activate stretch receptors in many different ways.

I completed a 200 hour teacher training course with YTI (Yoga Therapy Ireland) in June 2006 – there was an emphasis on safe practice and adjustments. Since then, I have attended a variety of training courses and intensives, which continually bring a variety of skills to my practice and teaching. Over the years I have been lucky enough to learn from Jodie Rufty, James Higgins, Veronica Larrson, Ciara Cronin, Tony Purcell, Brian Cooper and David Swenson. In 2014 I completed a 300 hour teacher training course facilitated by the Yoga Room, which was a fantastic learning experience.

Most recently I have initiated training in the Para Yoga lineage of Rod Stryker. This direction in my training has been inspired by training modules which I attended at Tejas Yoga in Chicago.My training will continue over the years as my practice, teaching and journey continue to unfold.